Download PLAST

[Current release is: 2.3.1 – January 2016]

Ready-to-use executable

PLAST is available as binaries for immediate use on Linux, MacOS and Windows platforms, with the following requirements:

maclogo MacOS-X 10.9.
(Intel 64bit processors)
Windows “7 – 64bit” or above.
(Intel or AMD 64bit processors)
linuxlogo Linux running on Intel or AMD 64bit processors.
(kernel 2.6.32 or above, GLIBCXX_3.4.13 or above)

For all other platforms or configurations, or if above binaries fail to run on your computer, you should download source code and compile it.

Source Code

Get archive of the latest stable release

cpp-java-logo PLAST software is fully written in C++.
An optional Java wrapper is available
for integration in other softwares.

Github mirror

cpp-java-logo Download source codes from Github. Download


PLAST binaries and source code are covered by the Affero GPL version 3 license.

All commercial use of PLAST requires a dedicated license available from Inria. Please contact us for more information.

Release notes

Read this document.

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