The story of PLAST

Once upon a time was KLAST…

PLAST was first released on 2009 as a research software prototype created by Van Hoa Nguyen and Dominique Lavenier from Inria’s Genscale research team (Rennes, France).

From 2011 to 2015, PLAST was fully redesigned and highly improved as a modern C++/11 software through a private-public initiative by Inria’s Genscale research team and Korilog company. During these few years, the software has been provided to users as KLAST shipped within a large set of tools: command-line, graphical platform (ngKLAST), cloud server (KServer) and plugins for CLC Genomics Workbench and KNIME data analysis platform.

On June 2015, Korilog ceased operations and it was decided to release the software as an open-source project: “Goodbye KLAST and welcome back PLAST!“.

Since 2009, PLAST/KLAST project has been funded and supported by InriaCNRS, ENS, ID2 Santé, Département du Morbihan, Region Bretagne and BPI France.

The makers of KLAST and PLAST suite of softwares:

  • Inria: Van Hoa Nguyen, Erwan Drézen, Sébastien Brillet, Ivaylo Petrov and Dominique Lavenier.
  • Korilog: Ludovic Antin, Sylvain Quiniou, Alain Meil and Patrick Durand.

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